Lines of Sight29 June - 21 September 1997

The exhibition presented the history of photography through the works of the most well-known representatives of the various photographic genres (landscape, portrait, war, ethnographic, science and experimental photography, photojournalism, fashion), including pictures by pioneers on the Greek photography scene.

130 photographs were exhibited in all, by 26 foreign and Greek photographers (five photographs from each): Nadar, Beato, Marey, Atget, Demachy, the Lumière brothers, Curtis, Casasola, Ghisoland, Rodtchenko, Kertész, Lartigue, Sudek, Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Capa, Smith, Giacomelli, Moon, Salgado, Papaioannou, Nelly's, Meletzis, Harissiadis, Balafas, Manos. The exhibition was accompanied by a fully illustrated trilingual (Greek, English, French) catalogue.