Panayiotis TetsisTHALASSA25 June - 24 September 2006

The renovated spaces of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation in Andros will be overflowing with colour and light this summer, as the work of Panayiotis Tetsis, renowned exponent of the Modern Greek tradition in contemporary painting, will be presented there, offering the public this great pleasure.

This elegy of colour will be an attempt in revisiting the space and time of Tetsis' painting, through a theme that we all hold dear, namely the sea. The opening of the exhibition, whose title is "P. Tetsis - Thalassa", is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 24th June. The exhibition will run until Sunday, 24th September.

The sea as experience and memory is an emotionally charged space, around which developed a considerable part of the artist's visual problematics and on which focused an equally significant part of his quest in art, already from the very beginning of his career, ultimately placing him among the genuine representatives of the Greek seascape tradition.

Tetsis's painting treats this primeval theme in the spirit of the times, both avoiding stereotypes and radical breaks with tradition, taking it into its contemporary iconographic expression on the basis of rules and perceptions that took shape in the first decades of this past century. His seascapes are an ode to the Aegean, sea of light and of myths, sea of alternating colour variations and shades.

A painter of colour and of the senses, Tetsis imprints his seascapes with his own particular mark, as he does all of his works irrespective of the thematic cycle to which they may belong. The compositional clarity of his work, its monumental quality, its openness in terms of contours, its expansive brushstrokes and fullness of colour are elements that offer the viewer a deep sense of mental euphoria and sensuous pleasure.

The exhibition / tribute to the work of P. Tetsis, has been realized with the support of Eurobank EFG that is the event's exclusive sponsor, whose Private Banking Department consistently contributes to the support and reinforcement of the visual arts in Greece through its continuing, years-long cooperation with the National Gallery of Greece and the Athens School of Fine Arts.

It includes mainly large-scale works, oil-pastels and gouaches of almost monumental proportions, which belong to private or public collections, but also new works that P. Tetsis has created on the occasion of this tribute. The exhibition is accompanied by an elegant edition of the utmost quality in terms of design and printing, which features texts by Mr. Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation, Mr. Guiliano Serafini, Art Historian and Critic, as well as by Mr. Harris Kambourides, Art Critic and Semiologist. The catalogue further features a biography of the artist's illustrated with photographic material, as well as a detailed bibliography.

As always, a Round-Table Discussion will also be held this year in the context of the exhibition. It is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 25th June 2006, in the morning, at the Andros Municipal Theatre. The discussion will again, as in past years, be coordinated by Ms. Eleni Glykatzi- Arveler, Rector and President of the University of Europe.

Throughout the exhibition's duration, films about the artist's life and work will be presented at the Museum's projection room.

Guided tours of the exhibition will be offered daily during August, as well as educational programmes for children between the ages of 6 and 13. 

For more information regarding participation in the educational programmes for children, as well as the exhibition's opening hours in general, please contact: The Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros, Tel: 22820 - 22444.

For any additional information please contact: Ms. Despina Leousis at Solid Relations,
Tel: 210 - 81.72.100